Facebook Dating: How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating

How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating – Facebook dating is one of the most used social media platforms by single individuals seeking partners. On the flip side, not all matches should be. Sometimes it will be necessary to unfollow somebody due to multiple reasons. Unmatching may occur for various reasons such as lack of an interest, incompatibility, and others, but it is one of the stages of the dating process. This post will serve to show you how to get rid of a match-up on Facebook dating and advise you as to circumstances in which you can consider such a necessity for yourself. Therefore, if you have questions about navigating through the unmatched process on Facebook Dating, just read on.


In addition, many users have found love through Facebook Dating which is a relatively recent service. Not all matches are ideal, as you could also need to undo-match with another person. Unmatching on Facebook dating is easy and straight forward but if you want to avoid confusion then this might be necessary for you.

What is Unmatching?

This process is called unmatching and involves deletion of the match from your Facebook dating profile. After unmatching with someone, that person won’t have the capacity to access your profile nor will they be able to text you. Unmatching is very important as it makes it possible for individuals to terminate interaction between themselves and some individuals with whom they are fed up of communicating with them, without necessarily deleting their accounts in Facebook or blocking such people from reaching them.

On Facebook dating, how does one unmatch?

Facebook Dating does not involve complex things and anyone can un-match with just a single step. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open Facebook Dating
First of all, you have to open the FB dating section. Click on the three dashes at the top right corner of the facebook app to go to the dating section

Step 2: Go to Your Matches
As soon as you join Facebook Dating, tap the heart at the bottom of your screen to visit your matches. Doing so will lead you to the list of matches.

Step 3: Choose an unmatch you want.
Find the individual you wish to deactivate and swipe left on them.

Step 4: Click on the “…” Icon
Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the event page.

Step 5: Select “Unmatch”
Choose “Unmatch” from the list and confirm your answer clicking on the same button again.

What Happens After You Unmatch?

When one rematches with someone on Facebook Dating, this person cannot view your profile anymore as well as send messages. You and they will lose the chat message in a discussion.& You will not inform the unmatched person about it, although he/she will no longer write to you in future.

When Should You Unmatch?

It is an individual’s choice and there is no correct moment for an unmatching. But then match again only when the interest is reciprocated both ways, and if you find that the match is not mutual, or respectful, unmatch. You can unmatch if such a person becomes abusive or creates an unpleasant experience for you.


To match up on Facebook dating, a number of simple steps are involved. It is a crucial attribute that allows users to bring a stop to communication with individuals with whom they are tired of interacting while still retaining their accounts on Facebook. It is possible to choose not to match someone. In such a case, this person cannot view, send messages to, or access one’s private communication record with them after the dialogue between two individuals has been terminated and deleted from one’s and the other side’s private communications history. Unmatching happens at your own volition and the timing for doing it is solely dependent entirely on you rather than anyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of breaking up with someone on Facebook dating?

To unmatch with someone on Facebook Dating, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Facebook Dating application on your mobile phone.
2. Go to your “Matches” tab.
3. Click on the profile of the user you wish to stop seeing and press “No thanks”.
4. Click the three dots next to their profile.
5. Choose “Unmatch” among the available alternatives.
6. Are you sure you want to unmatch?

Will anyone be able to tell that I undid the match on Facebook dating?

Facebook Dating doesn’t send anybody a notification when they unmatch with you. Nevertheless, if a particular person you swiped left on sends any message to your account, it will remain unsent. You will also not see them under your “Matches” tab.

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